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Quick little collab we did for mini Duncney day. I might doodle some late stuff since I’ve been relatively inactive in this fandom lately…but I’m not going to make any promises yet!

Of course Duncan enjoyed my singing. Who wouldn’t?

Don’t tell him I said anything, but we actually had this thing where we’d sing a particular song for each other when one of us was down or upset.

Won’t tell you what it was. 

You could say that. Courtney gets pretty uh…affectionate and weirdly interested in everybody’s life story. Obviously I just stay rad. 


Happy Valentine’s day to everyone! Even the VDay haters.

And special shoutout to missminimonster, who I didn’t have the opportunity to mail a Valentine out for.

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Nah, I think it was a bigger deal to the viewers, I don’t actually give a shit.

But thanks for the compliment.

I assume that’s a response to this incident. 


Happy Courtney Appreciation Day, campers!


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Well, nobody else was within reach.


Merry belated Christmas, guys! Whether you celebrate or not. I wanted to post this before December was over. Just made it.

Here’s to us getting stuff posted more often in the near future.

(Thanks so much guys! This is obvs Courtney-mun; so I wanted to apologize some more because I know it seems like it’s been a million years since we’ve posted. We’ve been crazy busy with moving out of our apartment and Christmas and our whole life revolves around various kinds of boxes and there is only time for sloppy cell phone doodles I’m sorry!!

I couldn’t tell you what D has planned, but here’s a list what’s coming up in  the very near future from me, either here or on my new personal blog:

•Christmas picture!

•Some ask responses…!

•Essay/rants/opinions/whatever you want to call it on TDAS, Mike, Scourtney, Duncney post-TDAS, and maybe Doey and Dott if I feel like it by then. But you should probably at least be getting those last two from D. (Totally let me know if there is any particular topic not listed you want me to cover?)

•TDAS Live action Courtney scenes, obviously

•Courtney live action cooking show thing

•…And more!

Happy Holidays to all of our followers! Thanks for being you.)

Anonymous said: Could we please meet the artists of the blog? I love all your artwork and I really like to know more about you guys! Especially if you guys have your own separate art blogs.

Since so many people asked, we went ahead and made some personal blogs to share with you guys! They’re pretty empty right now, but we’re going to do our best to keep up with them.

They’re Courtney-tumbls and Killfee

We were able to do that because the show doesn’t air live. We wrapped it up ages before the first episode started airing. We were in the same place as you when it came on.

You have no idea what the editing process of this show is like.

So much cut footage. So much making sure each cast member is depicted exactly how they want.Thanks for dredging up wonderful memories.